Lincoln’s Island Limo & Car Wash Services

About Us

Lincoln’s Island Carwash Service


With Lincoln’s more than 20 years of history on Fisher Island, he clearly understands the wash service due to the lack of appropriate areas to perform this needed service.

Lincoln is poised to improve and expand its offering in car washing and vehicle maintenance services.

Here are just some of the reasons to choose Lincolns for your next car or golf cart washing:

  • Has permission and granting of a proper area in which to operate a carwash
  • Lincoln is poised to improve and expand its offering.
  • 20+ year history on the islandHolds current necessary insurance policies required to operate a carwash
  • (Garage keepers’ policy)General liability and worker’s compensationInvoicing and billing system
  • Online Booking
  • Pick up and drop off service available
  • Currently does, over 200 residents’ vehiclesTrusted by residents on Fisher IslandVetted employees with knowledge of the islandKnowledge of travel schedule of island residents
About Us

Lincoln’s Island Limo Service


Lincoln has more than 20 years of history on fisher island, he understands clearly the transportation service due to the importance of getting the appropriate ferries schedule.

First started working on Fisher island for the security team then transferred to the Fisher island hotel and found a need for the personalized service on the island.

  • 20+ year history on Fisher island.
  • Commercial insurance $1.000,000
  • Invoicing and billing system
  • Currently does over 200 residents vehicles
  • Trusted by residents on Fisher island and hotel
  • Vetted employees with knowledge of island
  • Knowledge of travel schedule of island residents


(786) 285-2849

Car Wash Open

Mon-Fri: 8am–4pm, Sat: 8am-1:pm